JIA Program Governance

The board of Schweser Institute is responsible for overseeing the creation of the JIA curriculum and the JIA exams. The board also sets the passing score for each JIA exam and is responsible for the integrity of the JIA exam process.

JIA Disciplinary and Ethics Committee

The Disciplinary and Ethics Committee for the JIA designation is made up of members of the JIA staff, JIA Certificate holders, and the Schweser Institute Board. JIA certificate holders are bound by the JIA Ethical Standards as well as the laws and regulatory rules in their country of domicile. The committee is responsible for investigating any complaints lodged against JIA designees, making a determination on each complaint, and determining appropriate action, which may include:

  • A finding that no violation has occurred
  • Public or private reprimand or censure
  • Suspension of the right to use the JIA mark for a finite period (not to exceed 3 years)
  • Permanent suspension of the right to use the JIA mark