Certificate of Advanced Financial Modeling

The Certificate of Advanced Financial Modeling (CAFM®) program is structured to allow candidates who lack knowledge in financial modeling and valuation to progress to an advanced level. Candidates will learn vital skills in financial modeling, financial programming, and valuation. The program provides the necessary tools to build an advanced financial model for large corporations, as well as for small privately owned firms.

The CAFM program ensures the candidate will gain software skills that are unique in the industry. The candidate will be able to create, read, and use financial programs using Excel VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) programming language. Consequently, the candidate should make more effective investment decisions through the construction of powerful financial models.

Who Will Benefit?

The CAFM® program is designed to appeal to a wide range of candidates, regardless of specialization or business sector, interested in developing and acquiring advanced finance modeling software skills. The program is suitable for candidates seeking a career in finance, as well as experienced finance professionals seeking to strengthen their modeling skills (e.g., consultants, financial controllers, financial and business analysts, portfolio managers, CEOs, CFOs).