CAFM® Curriculum Overview

The curriculum overview of the CAFM® certification. The focus of the CAFM program is on the acquisition of advanced financial modeling skills and the implementation of those skills in a candidate’s career.

The certificate is divided into three sections, as illustrated below:

  • MS Excel Basics (25%): Basics of financial modeling using MS Excel and implemented in investments and security analysis context.
  • MS Excel Advanced (50%): Advanced financial modeling using MS Excel and mixed with Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) ,which will be applied in investments, portfolio management, and valuation. All modeling techniques will be applied using a real-life private equity case.
  • VBA Advanced (25%): Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) usage in financial modeling: “A component enhancer in a revolving financial model.”

Further Breakdown of Course Topics:

Topic 1: Principles of Financial Calculations

Topic 2: Principles of the Cost of Capital

Topic 3: Credit Analysis

Topic 4: Introduction to Valuation Models

Topic 5: Introduction to Portfolio Management

Topic 6: Advanced Project Finance and Private Equity Modeling (Manufacturing Companies)

Topic 7: VBA (Visual Basic Applications) Usage in Financial Modeling