Certificate of Financial Statements Analysis

The Certificate of Financial Statements Analysis (CFSA®) provides candidates with key skills to assess the viability of an enterprise. The program integrates contemporary corporate financial reporting issues with financial analysis, interpretation, and performance evaluation using a case approach. It presents an in-depth discussion of factors affecting analysis of business organizations and business strategy concerns, measurement of items on financial statements, disclosures, standard setting issues, financial reporting internationally, financial reporting implications, and investment evaluation.

The CFSA program enhances candidate competency in several key areas of financial statements analysis, financial reporting, and valuation. The program is designed to equip candidates with the fundamental professional skills to create, read, report, analyze, and scrutinize financial statements. While the program primarily focuses on understanding and using financial information for decision-making purposes, it also strongly emphasize the ethical dilemmas faced by concerned parties, as well as the ethical standards they need to maintain.

Who Will Benefit?

The CFSA program is designed to appeal to a wide range of candidates interested in developing and acquiring advanced financial analysis skills. The program is beneficial to candidates seeking a career in several different areas of finance, especially those who need to strengthen their financial analysis skills (e.g., consultants, financial controllers, financial and business analysts, financial auditors, portfolio managers, CEOs, CFOs).