Junior Investment Analyst

The JIA Certificate program is designed for professionals working in financial analysis or working for firms involved in financial analysis, investment management, and investment-related activities. The curriculum is focused on the tools of analysis and their real-world applications. Upon mastering the JIA curriculum and passing the JIA Exam, candidates are awarded the JIA Certificate, as well as the right to use the JIA certification by Schweser Institute.

Who Will Benefit?

The JIA certification provides evidence of competency in several key areas of investment valuation, financial analysis, economics, and ethical practice. Banks, brokers, money managers, investment management consultants and performance evaluation firms, hedge funds, and mutual funds all have employees who can benefit by increasing their investment knowledge and analytic skills. By offering the JIA Certificate to their employees, corporations not only develop a more educated workforce, but they are able to identify employees who will benefit from further training in financial analysis. For individuals, the JIA Certificate provides a way to distinguish themselves within their firms, as well as gain vital knowledge and skills necessary to pursue further financial training and financial designations.